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The recovery and publication of this website is based on files saved by, and is intended to be used for educational and academic research, non-commercial purposes on mind for for the 3D graphics community, and the trueSpace users community who supported, bought and promoted the development of this great set of tools through the years.


trueSpace7.5 reviews

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trueSpace7.6 SDK released!

Develop plug-ins for trueSpace7.6.

Focus On Collaboration

Read about the Beta Cell project.

trueSpace guided tour

Model, animate, render, collaborate.

Tentacles for trueSpace7.6

Access the TurboSquid library direct from inside trueSpace7.6.

All Video Courses FREE

We've made all our video courses free. Start learning now!

Grafikdesign Marcel Barthel

Models and real-time shaders for trueSpace7.6.



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